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Oil change

Always consult your owner's manual, but a good rule of thumb is to have the oil and filter changed regularly, every 3,000 to 4,000 miles.


Have all fluids checked, including brake, power steering, transmission/transaxle, windshield washer solvent and antifreeze. These fluids play a large role in the safety and performance of the vehicle.


Check tire inflation. Under-inflated tires can result in a loss of fuel efficiency. This is the least expensive form of preventive and safety maintenance. Tires should be checked once a month.


Keep your engine tuned. A fouled spark plug or plugged/restricted fuel injector can reduce fuel efficiency as much as 30 percent.


Have the chassis lubricated frequently. This step extends the life of the moving components of the vehicle's suspension system.


Check battery cables and posts for corrosion and clean them as needed. The battery fluid should also be checked and filled if it is low, except in the case of maintenance-free batteries.


Have the lighting system checked frequently, including headlights, turn signals, and brake and tail lights.


Check windshield washer blades for cracks, tears and windshield contact. Replace them approximately once a year or sooner if streaking begins.


Inspect engine belts regularly. Worn belts will affect the engine performance. Look for cracks and missing sections or segments.


Have the air filtration system checked frequently. The air filter should be checked approximately every other oil change for clogging or damage. This system ensures that the vehicle is performing at its peak condition.


Do not carry unneeded weight in your vehicle. Excess weight puts a heavier load on the engine, causing greater fuel consumption.


Accelerate slowly and smoothly. Avoid jackrabbit starts. Get into a higher gear as quickly as possible.


Avoid long engine idling. If you have to wait for a long period of time, it is better to turn off the engine and start again later.


Avoid engine lag or over-revving. Use a gear position suitable for the type of road you're travelling.


Avoid stop-and-go driving. Stop-and-go driving wastes fuel.


Do not rest your foot on the clutch or brake pedal. This causes needless wear, overheating and poor fuel economy.


Keep all wheels in proper alignment. Improper alignment not only causes faster tire wear but also puts an extra load on the engine.


Getting more miles from a liter or gallon of fuel is actually easy. Just take it easy while driving. It will also make your vehicle last longer.


Take to the shade rather than keep the air conditioner running.


It is a good idea to do a safety check before starting out on a trip. A visit to your dealer can help ensure safe and pleasant driving the whole summer long.


Keep your vehicle running smoothly

Please review some of these simple car care tips to get the most out of your car or truck. Contact Smith Nielsen Automotive Services to schedule your next repair or maintenance service!

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